Hello!  Welcome to Intality where your intentions become reality.  I am Katherine Van Slyke.KVS-oval1x1-224x300-1 As a professionally trained and certified Transformational Life Coach and certified Health Coach, I work with people who are ready to look at themselves, their habits and their world with the full intention of creating a healthier future.   In looking at the full picture of our lives and how we exist in the world, we can find what motivates us, what blocks us and what it is we really want.  This is done using tools of deep listening, compassion, tailored motivation and self-efficacy building.  Like other well-trained health coaches, I have a deep knowledge about diet, nutrition, fitness and exercise and I am constantly reading and researching new science in this area. As your health coach, I do not hold the roll of expert; it is you, the client who is the one  most capable of choosing the right path towards health.  It is my job to create the space and be a partner in co-discovering solutions for changing habits and stepping into a better today and future.

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Katherine Van Slyke, CPC, ACC

Certified Life and Health Coach